Hubby, Son and I, along with a group of friends, spent an entire day in Dyreparken, which is a zoo and amusement park. A wonderful and perfect day out. Son is old enough to enjoy every little bit of the park. He loves the animals, though a little sad he’s not allowed to pet them (which I am equally upset about, so not much comfort from me there, but plenty of sympathy), wants to try every carousel (though a little sad he can’t ride them all) and is also entertained by the shows.


I love this zoo here in Norway. Of course it is sad to see the caged animals, but in this zoo the focus truly seems to be on the safety and well-being of the animals, and many of them are most likely better off here than in their natural environment. They loads of space available, which actually means you are not guaranteed to spot the animal while in the park. They look fit, comfortable and relaxed. They are aware of the two-legged creatures watching them, some are curious about us, some ignorant, but none seem bothered by our presence.

Like this little gal running around with her wee one on her back.

Or this one, sitting there old and wise and eager to share his wisdom.

Or this little kitty, which was just before running about, lay down in the sunshine and softly closed its eyes. Relaxing in the sun just like my wee kitty at home does…