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anneblabbers cinnamon bun and a hot cup of teaToday I had the house all to myself for a precious moment. Or, at least, almost to myself: Daughter was outside taking a nap. It’s fun having the house full of life at all times, but sometimes solitude and silence is luxury to long for.

I’ve sat for a while now listening to the humming of a dishwasher and the ticking of a clock, while catching up on some of my favourite blogs and drinking a big cup of tea. This morning’s tea was Lipton’s Earl Grey in my in-laws’ blue seal cup. And the cinnamon bun was baked rather quickly last night after spending the entire day in the zoo. Rain came upon us during the last hours and called for warm, freshly baked buns as we came home.

My in-laws’ have almost a cupboard full of different cups and mugs gathered from across both time and space. Each one of them reflecting memories related to its purchase. I don’t know their stories so I make up my own. This seal, for instance, has been further north than I’ve ever been. Seen some spectacular mountains and scenic coastal views.

Enjoy your day 🙂

Summer dinner


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Husband, Son and my father-in-law went fishing and came back with four wee mackerels. Mother-in-law did the dirty work, and a few minutes later dinner was served.

One mackerel each. Fried in a pan with a heavy dose of butter, a spoon or two of sour cream and a good sprinkle of freshly cut parsley. Served with boiled potatoes fresh from the soil and a light cucumber salad.

The dish should be followed by rhubarb soup for desert, but unfortunately it is already out of season.

Soul lotion


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I’ve heard some call it lotion for the soul. It is soothing. It is refreshing. So I can see why.

Today my lotion was scented with the smell of sun-heated fields and a breeze surfing through huge, ancient oak trees. It also contained corn and potato fields, summer flowers and an eight-month-old littlegirl with a smile that put the sun to shame.


All if this is just off my doorstep these days. What is the best lotion for your soul?



Summer’s here…

…and the living is easy Image

The summer is coming to an end, but the days are still long,  temperature is good and walking barefoot in the grass is still something you should do every day.


For tiny, young, little toes the best thing in the world is to splash in water. The sun shining and reflecting off every drop that shoots up in the air. The cold mist that settles on the sun-heated skin and cools it down.


For older children a pool of water can be a proper dilemma: should hands or feet go in first? The water holds hours of entertainment. And very soon hands, feet, arms and legs have been immersed.

Summer’s here and the living is easy

Happiness is…


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Happiness is waking up, not being awoken. Having slept enough hours and only having been up a few hours during the night. Completely obliterate to the state of house (the clutter, the mess, the dirty dishes – the list goes on). Having a quick but quiet breakfast. Having time for a cup of tea, before the tea is considered iced. Stumbling across a soothing album by Andrew Bocelli on Spotify. Dancing across the room guided by by a mellow Italian male voice and a joyful beat with a smiling baby in my arms.

The baby tired and was places in her crib giving me a chance to share the moment. Now a long shower awaits.

I hope you all enjoy a calm and quiet Sunday morning

New year, new life…


White dowry – Løv tea from local shop Greenbay Bridge

We are already a month into the new year and life has changed a lot since last time I wrote. For almost two months my life has included a one more person more dear to me than life itself. Already in early December, four weeks before our due date, our gorgeous daughter decided to make an appearance. She was wee bit in the small side, but fit and ready for life without the restraints of an umbilical cord. And who can blame her for showing up early? The weeks before Christmas is a time I wouldn’t want to miss!
The past weeks have been wonderful, but of course also hectic. All my time has been spent with loved ones and catching up on things I haven’t been able to do for the past eight months (pregnancy utterly and completely crippled me!). Now I’m back to my old self, and although life is returning to normal, we are still experiencing a few minor hiccups in dealing with our new life. Life is good though, in fact I would go as far as calling it fantastic!
And tonight I sit cuddled up on the sofa with a big cup of tea while immerse myself in feelings of utter happiness and satisfaction. I hope you’re all having a wonderful evening!

Gardaland Sea Life


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As I’ve talked about before, we visited Gardaland and stayed at Gardaland resort this summer. The day we left we first visited Gardaland Sea Life.

This little fella was quite charming

Gardaland Sea Life is a proper aquarium hosting all types of fish and aquatic creatures. For us it was not as entertaining as we thought it might be. It didn’t take us very long to get through the building, and we still felt that it took a little too long. We were getting bored in the end. But the surrounding area quite made up for it. The building seen from the outside was rather stunning.