I just read this lovely little book that I would like to recommend to you. It is not a terribly important book, and it probably won’t change your life. But it will remind you of a few important things and it might also make your head spin a bit thinking about the meaning of life and other irrelevant questions.

I found the book in a blog some time back and found the review interesting and as it only cost me a few pounds I ordered it. While reading Mini Shopaholic I also ploughed through this. It’s an easy read and a lovely story. The protagonist is a dead 84-year-old man. After his passing he meets five people in heaven who tell him their stories in order for him to understand the purpose of his life. There are no big surprises, nothing that overwhelms you and nothing that will change the way you think. But it’s a nice little story that will make smile a little more at the people around you for the next few days. Yes, it’s a recommendation.