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I was with Son in the city centre. We waited by the small lake where we were supposed to meet a friend of mine and her family. A family of swans currently resides in the small lake, a mother, a father, and their six wee ones (that aren’t all that wee anymore). We have been following them for some months now. Or, it must have been months, it seems like only weeks since we first saw the six wee creatures all cuddled up under their parent’s wings. Huddling together, peeking out to look at the people passing by.

Son is very fond of animals, and swans are no exception. We stood for a while looking at them. They swam nearer to us, and I felt bad I hadn’t brought anything to feed them. Son talked to them and wanted to pet them. He was almost on his way into the water at some point, but I managed to keep him on solid ground.

While standing there watching, an elderly woman stopped a few metres away from us and started throwing crumbles at the winged wonders. She then noticed Son who was still sweet-talking to the birds. She then came over, asked him if he would like to feed the swans. He of course jumped at the chance. She gave him the bag, at which he thanked her politely. She mad his day, or at least mine.