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I am truly sorry if you thought this post would on Snapple’s Mango Madness, which is it not. And after now having mentioned it, I promise I will not do so again, at least not in this post. Now, this is about mangos and rather my madness concerning this fruit. I often eat mango at work, or pack as snack for Son and me (Husband can’t stand it, so we don’t waste any on him). The fruit is, as you probably know, one of the most eaten fruits in the world (I thought it was the banana, but I guess I was wrong. However, here in Norway it is only during recent years that the mango has come to be found in most supermarkets at a reasonable price. Still many don’t know what to do with the fruit, and thus find obstacles to eating it. I have thus made a wee, well, call it tutorial if you like, on how to prepare a mango.

I start by peeling the mango with a regular peeler used for potatoes and the like. Then I cut of a wee bit of one end, so that it will more easily stand upright for the following steps. The bit cut off is no more than a centimetre thick, about a third of an inch.

Hold the mango upright, and slice of the flesh of the fruit on each side, avoiding the stone. Then diagonally slice off each corner of the fruit. You are now left with the stone and very little flesh. Leave this for the mango lover in the house who will probably be more than happy to gnaw of what’s edible.

The now large pieces of flesh I slice into smaller pieces and serve. These can easily be left in a box in a backpack for an entire day and still be wonderfully tasty.