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We awoke on Friday to a landscape radically different to the one we had seen outside our windows on Thursday evening. Snow, quite a few inches deep, covered everything: houses, cars, trees, lawns, roads. It was beautiful. With a temperature dipping below -5 the snow was like a powder, a small gust of wind would whirl up a cloud of white. Although beautiful, the cold did not look tempting and required no close inspection. Luckily I was able to work from home.

Or, at least I could for a while. Around noon we lost our internet connection, just after I had finished a project that I had to send off. It was cold outside, but as soon as I stood ankle-deep in snow, with snowflakes falling from above, I took on the mental state of a five-year-old. A rather responsible five-year-old with no interest of getting too cold or wet, and with a driver’s license. So…

I found a road going downhill. It was deserted as far as I could see. It was broad and the snow lay packed. It was slippery. And I did everything I could to take advantage of it (which really isn’t much…). I sped on a bit, hit the breaks, and for a few seconds (or probably less than a whole second) I felt like I had no control of the car. In a controlled situation like that I could argue that I do it for the greater good: it’s important to know how easily one can lose control of a car. Anyway, the short drive was quite an adventure. The city looked like it belonged in a fairy-tale. I saw a woman on skis, on the pavement, with skis! (I know this is Norway, but this is in fact not a common sight!) After I arrived home Husband and I found a toboggan and walked to get Son home from kindergarten. Joy!! 😀