I have been good and made sure I’ve taken a photo a day. But, I haven’t been good at sharing these with anyone but Husband and Son. Now I have loads to share, and many stories to tell.

Day 2 – Colour

I chose the colour yellow. We were visiting my in-laws and our easter holiday has just begun. In Norway we have so-called ‘red days’. These days everything is closed (or almost everything), the world still functions but you can’t shop. This is the main benefit (maybe the only) of having a state religion. What is in reality is, is almost a full week off for everyone! A spring break, but with a hint of religion, if you like.

Anyway, yellow is the colour of easter and this is a small collection of things yellow that I was exposed to on the second day of April. 

Day 3 – Mail

I though this would be a photo showing an empty mailbox (red days are days off also for mail carriers), a screen shot of my e-mail inbox, or, if I was lucky, a bill. Instead I have this photo to show: 

Impressed? My fantastic husband has been working in the garden over the past weeks and has built a new decking in the back yard. What was once a dreary and dark place is now wonderful! He has done such a good job! He’s not done yet, so I’ll wait with the photos. But, back to the mail. This is what we received today, and it was delivered, so I guess it does count as mail? What you see here is a load, or in fact two, of stones. Cut stones that will be built into a short wall to hold herbs and flowers. Yes, I am lucky!


Day 4 – Someone who makes me happy

All the people who make me happy was not able to gather for a photograph on day 4. And since I prefer not showing too many faces on my blog this photo will have to do: 

This shows a stranger’s car, and our own car. Our car doesn’t make all too excited, but the photo suddenly appeared on my phone after Son had played with it for a while. Quite regularly photos of motives I’ve never noticed appear on my phone, and they always make me smile.