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Spring has arrived! The temperature has now reached a two digit number, the days are longer, the leaves are popping out and the world is slowly and carefully coming back to life. We has just returned from a short trip to London, which was fabulous, and life is good! To complain a bit: I could do with a better immune system, and I’m behind on work because of lack of energy and oh-too-many days spent under the duvet due to various flu-like viruses. But time will take care of it all and I should soon be back on my feet.

While still only longing for spring, after seeing but a few, discrete signs that winter was letting go, Son and I decided to kick-start spring inside. A few empty milk and juice cartons were remodelled slightly to serve as beds for newborn herbs.

After only a few days green sprouts dotted the black soil, and already before they had reached a centimetre in height, the herbs already gave off a delicate scent and a promise of what’s to come. Son has been tenderly watering and checking on his plants every day and is very excited to observe their development.