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I am flat down on the floor taking some photos near the window. I hear the cat coming down the stairs behind me. And, boy, I am overwhelmed by the intelligence of that! 😉  Let me tell you:

She sat down by her bowl to eat. I called her over. She answered a weak “Mah” but didn’t move away from the bowl. I tried again “come over here and have a look. I know you’ll like it”. She answered again, the polite cat that she is, but refused to believe that what I saw outside the window was more interesting than the contents of her bowl. That is when I realised I had to try her language: “Bidgies!”, I said. That got her running. She was by my side in no time!

Our cat is not the cuddly type, she sleeps in my lap about four times a year, but she does let people pet her, if she’s in the mood. But, at least we have long meaningful conversations. This is what followed: I look out the window, repeat the word ‘bidgies’ and say something that sounds like a guttural, open-unrounded-back-vowel version of ‘craw craw craw’. The cat turns to me, repeats the sound and looks out at the birds. She then repeats the sound while looking at the birds. After a while she goes quiet. She gently turns her head to look at me. I look back and our eyes meet. Her eyelids gently close as she blinks at me. She opens her eyes, I blink back, she blinks a second time and turns to watch the birds again. “You’re quite alright at times”, I admit to her. “Mah”, she answers.

And that is the entertainment for days when getting up from the floor results in headaches and dizziness. I remained on the floor for some time, which instead of a headache, gave me a few nice shots of the cat and a few herbs we’ve just planted that I would like to show you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂