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I’ve been quiet for a while. My body decided to improve my immune system by downloading and installing an immunity to this year’s flu. Unfortunately, what the body did not consider was the length and difficulty of the installation process and the fact that in order to install this immunity the body needed to suffer a proper virus attack first. Consequently I have been out for more than a week, first with the flu and now with sinusitis.

I like to push myself when feeling weak, but this time my body has spoken clearly: I have not been able to do anything! So it’s been a progess of panicking for the first few days about everything I should have done and now failed to do, to accepting the virus and succumbing to its effect, and then to relax and give my immune system time to work. Now I expect to be back on my feet in a few days’ time.

The best cure now seems to think a bit ahead. I have many things I look forward to, but what especially works wonder against headaches and stuffed noses is the summer holiday. My father is turning 60 and has invited his four kids, and our partners and kids, to celebrate him in ITALY! Our extended family will spend a week together near Venice, at a hotel by the beach in each our flat. Perfect! Husband, Son, and I have decided to go to Italy a week before the rest to travel around a bit. I haven’t been to Italy now for four years, last time was our honeymoon, but this will be my tenth time (or thereabout) in the area.

Our fortnight in the sun will be perfect! One week by the beach and the Adriatic sea, a few days in Gardaland (a large amusement park), and a few days in a lazy, Italian, small town called Benzone. I can’t wait!

(The photo was stolen from maps.google and is from Brenzone)