A new year has appeared around the corner. A year that suddenly appeared when one day passed, the clock ticked, the two pointers met, and the entire world (or at least a very big part of it) joined in on the celebration. A new day came about, a day which is seen by so many as a new start for so many things. A day to mark the start of some things, and the end of many others. The next days will belong to a new year, despite their similarity to the days that have just recently passed. A new number has been assigned these next 365 days in order for us to categorise and systematise the many days that constitute a lifetime.

We spent the last day of last year with a few of the people who means most to us in this world. It was a quiet celebration, but a celebration none the less. We laughed and we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. The first day of the new year we spent on the road. We met more of the people who are so precious to us, but we also spent time alone together, just the three of us. Then we returned home, late at night, after spending many days away. Now we’ll stay home for a while. Get back to everyday-life.

Looking back at the past year I see both ups and downs. I feel I’ve done something right  as the ups are what immediately spring to mind when I look back. A year full of memories. Good memories. Also a year of challenges. Challenges that we seem to have overcome quite well. Challenges that have made us stronger and shaped us in more ways than we thought they would. Some have been challenges that we have purposely taken on, others are challenges that we, while they lasted, wished we could be without. Looking back it seems to have been a long year. Many days will be remembered for years to come, which makes this past year very valuable.

The new year has just begun. The plans made for this year tell me this year too will be memorable. I have taken on a few challenges already, challenges that I hope will build both character and strength. Challenges where I will have to face my fears, work hard, and that at times will have me pulling my hair out in frustration. I like a good challenge!

2012 is off to a good start. I’m happy, healthy, and more in love than I’ve been in a long time. I have learned a lot from blogging during 2011, much thanks to those of you who often comment. I hope you will continue to read my posts, and also leave a comment every now and again. I would especially like to thank David, Tes, Lori, Ksenia and Northern Narratives for all your comments, as well as the inspiration and motivation you provide. Hope to see you all regularly in 2012.

A wonderful new year to all of you!