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Fort Augustus was rather well marked on the map, we thus thought there’d be more to see than what there in reality was (truth be told: after looking at google maps after returning home, it turns out there is more to Fort Augusts: a golf club! we never saw it, but I assume it must be grand and what earns Fort Augustus its big dot on the map). Well, the town consisted of a wee shop or two, a line of pubs, and sluices.

We were lucky enough to see the sluicing in action, which resulted in a few photos:

A very picturesque scene indeed, complete withe the busloads of japanese tourists with their cameras and the senior citizens at the mill shop. We were hungry and looking for a place to eat. There were plenty of places, but unfortunately we were there at the wrong time, in between the lunch and dinner times of the various pubs. The result was fish and chips to go and a geyser of coke in the car.