The surface of the ocean resembled that of a mirror: reflecting, still, cold, and clear. I could only see a few metres out as a thick, white, veil appeared to have engulfed the entire world. Driving to work happened inside a small bubble that allowed life, vision, and colour. The bubble was only a few metres and diameter with restrained by deep, white walls. Occasionally grey, ghostlike figures drifted in and out of nothingness, giving all signs of life a spectral touch.
20111109-122251.jpgI climbed up the hill toward work. The beautiful view that awaits me every morning was gone. To ease my disappointment the sun rose as I reached the top. A gleaming white disk hung in the sky behind a tall tower. The disk seemed to embed none of the characteristics or qualities of the sun, but created a stunning image on the blank canvas in front of me.

The fog stayed for two days, left on the third day only to allow my husband to return home from work before it came back later that day and stayed for another day.