David has at his educational and compelling blog nominated me as a Versatile Blogger. I read every one of David’s posts with great interest. Though not seeing my blog as a photography focused blog, I often find inspiration in DH’s posts and often find myself wanting to post about photos and photos alone (hasn’t happened yet though, I prefer having a story to tell). However, his tips and tricks on photographing I do my best to soak up and remember when out shooting. Hopefully I have been able to use his tricks to improve my own photos.

I am now supposed to list seven things about myself that I have not previously mentioned on the blog, so here goes:

  • I am a tea drinker and I don’t like coffee, at all! Nor coffee flavoured drinks, ice-creams, candy or chocolate. However,
  • I do like the smell of ground coffee and men smelling of coffee (!), or at least until they open their mouths, coffee breath I find appalling!
  • I love listening to someone playing the guitar. The regular, old-fashion guitar. These days I could listen to the first part of Biffy Clyro’s “Many of Horror” over and over, or Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”.
  • Spending the night at a friends house, a friend of her called, slightly drunk and just wanting to socialise. He ended up playing the guitar, over the phone, until I fell asleep.
  • I hate the change of seasons, I love the various seasons, but the inbetween periods are nothing for me.
  • I can’t stand cleaning and am seriously considering hiring someone to clean my house a few times a month.
  • I just bought an iPhone. I waited until the new 4s was released and then bought the 4. I could probably have gone for the an earlier one as I only use the calendar, to check e-mail, facebook, or to text or call.
That’s it, now mission is complete. Except for nominating a bunch of other bloggers:
Now, many of the bloggers I read seem to rarely respond to awards, and although there are many I’d like to nominate, there are few I think would respond (I feel small and insignificant in the gigantic blogosphere). I’ll thus simply give a shout out to the few who I think deserve this the most, those whose posts I always read and who I hope will pas this on; Silje, Hege, Irene and Tes.