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For our tenth anniversary my husband took me on the perfect date: a chocolates and confectionary course. We learned a lot about chocolate; its history, blends, and also how to make different truffles and ganaches and how to treat melted chocolate. We agreed that we would have to experiment a bit at home after this, but just haven’t got around to it, until now. 

A romantic night in, after Son was fast asleep, we set to it, and chose a recipe from a book we got at the course. Starting off with pistachio nuts, raisins, dried apricots and dried pineapple, it all looked easy-peasy. Chopping everything and melting the chocolate was a walk in the park!

But then the recipe told us to add a pound of icing sugar. This resulted in blisters in Husband’s palms, and the chocolate that was to be made with love, now also had sweat and tears going in to the making (not in the chocolate, but into the making of the chocolate). 

Squeezing it into a form afterwards, leaving it to cool overnight and dicing the massive blocks of chocolate was done without harming any individuals. 

However, with the amount of sugar going into these cubes, I can not guarantee that no harm was done to any teeth.