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At least a bit of cooking and baking happens in my kitchen every day. Not necessarily both, but that too rather often. I shared with you some of my bread recipes earlier, like this and this, and also my how-to rules for good, nutritious, no nonsense breads. I have been baking quite a lot lately, but very little have been my own recipes, and thus I would not like to take credit for them on my blog. But instead, I’ll give you a few links to some wonderful sites and also recommendations of recipes that I have tried myself.

First out is Tes. I have mentioned her and her Asian adventures before. Her recipes are to die for and she has through her blog given me the best recipe for sweet-and-sour sauce. It’s easy to make and it is absolutely wonderful.

My husband is not usually a fan of sweet-and-sour, but this he loved. Go try it out!

One of the last summer evenings we had I tried her vegetable noodles, though with a bit of a twist. Lucky Tes has easier access to certain vegetables and ingredients and consequently I have to improvise a bit every now and then. Noodles were great though, as expected, and they have now become a common addition to many dinners. 

I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago and used a recipe found at Trine’s blog. Trine is wicked in the kitchen and offers a new recipe every single day. She is a true inspiration, and I very often use one of her recipes for dinner or when I want to make something special. She has a translate button on her site which will google translate her site for you, thus I will only leave you a link to her cookie recipe and my picture of the delicious treats. 

Autumn will see more of my own recipes posted here including a few traditional Norwegian dishes.