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I was quiet for a few days. The reason I have been quiet is that I have been so loud. I have not been embarrassingly loud, but I have been talking a lot, and I have been very social. The need to blabber digitally has thus not been as strong. Everyday life has returned, while extraordinary life has also made a brief visit, hence the real life blabbering.

Now, for a wee warning. As everyday life now seems to be back on track I also have time for some spare time activities. Consequently there might be a bit of creative input on the blog. The creative input will simply be me sharing what I spend my evenings working on. You see, I scrap: scrapbooking, cardmaking and various papercrafting (a few questionable gerunds there, but hey, I’m not a native speaker, leave me alone :P). These function as a creative outlet for me, where I get to make something simply be tearing or cutting paper and gluing it back together. A wee bit creative, a wee bit easy, and something to make gifts a wee bit more special.

Earlier this week I gathered four lovely ladies around the kitchen table. I made a proper mess, talked a lot, found some inspiration and ended the night with two simple cards. A very successful evening.