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Some time back I took you on a hike in the forest and mountains surrounding the town in which my parents live. However, as I stopped to drink from the river, there was a small gem I hid from you and would now like to show you.

As I mentioned then there was a small farm near the river. In connection with this farm there used to be a small mill by the river. The mill is long gone, but the mill stones were left  where the mill used to be to tell the stories of the former activities. In 1995 a small hut was built in place of the mill. The hut looks so picturesque where it sits near the river, just beneath the forest, with a grass clad roof. Unfortunately the mill stones are now gone, most likely due to the a new, small, road which now makes it possible to get a car only a few metres away from the hut.

The hut is built much like the original mill. On the walls inside are small panels from the older mills with signatures and dates from when they were built. A pretty little thing to be found a few metres off the beaten track.