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Almost every summer the Tall Ships Race visits Norway, and the port of the city takes on the look of, how I would imagine, a bustling medieval port. The city centre becomes crowded with people coming with the ships, or for the ships. The quay is dominated by the large sail ships, tall masts and thick ropes running through the air.

Husband, Son and I made a day of it. We took the bus to the city centre, and spent hours just walking along the quay. We were allowed onto some of the ships, which of course was very exciting for Son. He kept looking for his favourite pirate and asked the crew members if they had seen him. Some pretended they had and told stories of meetings with this terrifying pirate either out at sea, or late at night. Others pretended to get scared and said they hoped not to ever lay eyes on him. However, as the stories began to contradict one another, Son became incredulous and lost interest.

As we walked there were sailors entertaining the crowds by singing sea shanties, jugglers gathered small crowds in the streets and vendors sold fruist, berries, and food.