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I suddenly felt the urge to walk here the other night. I needed to get out, get some wind in my hair, feel the breeze, the cool (or almost cold) summer air and soak up the last rays from the sun before it set in the pale blue sea. I only have a five-minute-walk to get to the sea, and there are some wonderful paths along the coast.

I walked through the neighbourhood, it was quiet and few were out, despite it being a summer evening and the sun was still up.

I walked through the neighbourhood, down to the main road and along that for a minute or two. I stopped to pick a few raspberries. They were pale pink, firm, and the sweetest berries of its kind that I have tasted this summer. The berries I get in the shop are nothing compared to these. These raspberries grow wild.

I crossed the street and entered onto a graveled path. The salt water air blew in from the North Sea. I filled my lungs and stopped to look at the scenery in front of me.

I thought about Tes while walking here. She showed some beautiful pictures from a beach during the monsoon season (see here and here) and thought maybe she would find my pictures from my home town as I found the pictures from the area she lives in.

I found a place to sit down and sat for a minute watching a man fishing, and a man in a boat just off the shore tossing out fishpots to catch crabs. I sat there and only watched the world. Lowered my shoulders, breathed the fresh air and felt utterly and completely at peace with myself and everything around me. There is nothing more relaxing than fresh air and beautiful scenery.

I got up and continued walking. The pat looked like this most of the time:

There are pink clovers breaking up the usually monochromatic green of birches, junipers, and grass. Every now and again there were also patches of bluebells and various other flowers and plants. The colour combinations were lovely.

A few more photos