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Occasionally I am spellbound by what Son manages to comprehend, observe, ponder and reflect upon. Those wee people of no more than a few years in this world really have a lot to teach us. And they should never, under any circumstances be pushed aside, underestimated or ignored. Because of their inability to express their opinions verbally we often forget, or often aren’t aware of, their ability to listen, understand and consequently reflect upon and further develop the thoughts and meanings they hear from the people around them.

I am blessed with a son who speaks a lot, he has an ear for language. He is rarely quiet for more than a few minutes, and he even talks in his sleep. He has been able to express himself quite intricately for a long time already, which has really helped me understand how he sees the world, what scares him, what he appreciates, and not least, how well reflected a two year old really is.

Lately we have sometimes let Son run about with one of our cameras. He runs about and takes photos from his height the way he sees the world. Afterwards we sit down with him and let him guide us through the photos, he tells us what he has been able to capture. There’s always a lot to learn from such a session, and also from observing him as he runs about with camera in hand.

A lot of time was sacrificed trying to get a photo of our cat. Quite a few shots included a tail, a paw, or simply just grass, where Son had tried to take her photo but not succeeded. This furry little creature means a lot to Son but unfortunately the affection is not always returned.

The stairs that he’s not allowed to climb. Seen from a different angle than I usually see it from.

Documenting the hard work of his father, which Son helps out with the best he can.

And to round of: a self-portrait. Notice the smile 🙂