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I hear colours are in this year. Now, I have absolutely no knowledge with which I can back up that statement, but I do think I might have seen a headline somewhere stating something along the lines of what I just said. Whether colours are in or not, and whether it is a mix of colours – what the Germans would call bunt (or that is at least what I was taught sometime last decade, no, century, wait, millennium, shite, all three fit, I’m getting old!) or just a single colour dominating the fashion world; I am completely oblivious!

I came across a rack of gloves in Cracow, and I’m even considering framing one of these photos. What would you call this? Street art? (it was placed in an alley, so close enough?) I loved it anyhow and I am now sharing it with you.

I didn’t buy a pair though. I decided straight away that I would just take a photo before moving on. As indecisive as I am I’d probably still be standing in front of the rack trying to decide on a colour, or two, or what Pooh would say: the lot!