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Let me take you back to the castle I wrote about a few days ago. The castle has a built in church, like any other castle. But this caught my attention. It actually caught my attention to the degree where I let Son about for a few minutes unsupervised. I am not a very religious person myself, and have while growing up often found myself counting the lightbulbs or dots in the ceiling. This church has been visited by a number of individuals who have felt the same restlessness as I’ve felt so many times, and the evidence of it is still visible in the wooden planks and railings inside the church. A few initials, the first part of a first name, or a group of male names carved into the wood made me forget everything about the present.

I ran my fingers across these carvings. The dates are incredible (they may not be legit, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll praise the person who fooled me in that case and got my head spinning). The fonts, or handwritings, are wonderful. I let my fingers run across them, I studied then in detail. I took a few pictures of those which at that moment had a few rays from the sun resting on them and thus required no flash.

How many were caught carving? How were they punished? And what was the priest/minister talking about while these boys carved their names in the wood for me to find centuries later? Look closely at the window sills, window, walls, and carvings throughout the castle and there are many, many more to be found.