Continuing on the stories from our travelled path around Copenhagen, Denmark, I have to mention Frederiksborg Slot. A friend recommended a visit to the castle. I was very skeptical about bringing a two-year-old to walk in and around an old castle, but my two-year-old loved it. Of course it made it easier that he was the only (strawberry)blond little kid  on the site. I think by the time he left a japanese fan club had been established, he had talked to close to a hundred people, and had equally many photos taken of him, both of him alone and him posing with Spanish, Portuguese and American tourists.

Not what I expected to see inside the castle walls, but indeed one of the main attractions

The castle is not at all an ideal place to bring a toddler or wee child, unless the child is quiet, social and very eager to meet new people and knows the meaning of ‘don’t touch’. The water fountain outside can be recommended though, I don’t know if there’s always a fire-trucked parked just inside the castle gates, or a bus load of Japanese tourists greeting you when you enter the gates and wanting to play in the fountain with you, but these were definitely the main attractions for Son. After running about the castle for an hour and a half, the ‘børnemuseum’ (children’s museum) in the basement was a nice place to calm down. Son spent some minutes drawing while correcting one of the guide’s language, her Danish pronunciation differed from Son’s Norwegian pronunciation, which he did not approve of.

Part of Son's new Japanese fan club