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Son and I spent a few days on the road earlier this month. One of those days we spent driving through Denmark. Son is a dream to have in the car, except that he talks non-stop from start to finish. However, for a few minutes, while crossing the bridge connecting Sjælland and Fyn, the Storebælt Bridge, Son was silent. Silent except for the occasional “Mummy, look!”

The bridge is an amazing construct. I’m always amazed by such man-made marvels which a bridge of that size is. Now, driving across it is still not something I would consider worthy of writing home about. Except for this time.

The bridge is long, very long. The first and tallest bridge is 6,7 km long, but not more than 65 metres above the sea (I have no idea whether that is far above or not, but it didn’t feel very far above).

Our crossing was very windy. I could feel every gust of wind on the car. Going 120km/h at what felt like very close to sea level was quite an experience.

Obviously I did not have the possibility to take any photos while crossing, so the images are found on various websites. The first is found here, the second here, and the third here