What I wouldn’t do to have a window sill like this one. The tree too, but especially the window sill.

I would sit here with a book, article or text book. Sip my tea from my gigantic, green tea-cup. Every time I was stuck with a difficult paragraph, or had something to ponder about, I’d look out the window. I’d be distracted for a few minutes looking at the people hurrying up and down the strees. Wrap myself in a woollen blanket during the autumn and winter and simply enjoy life.

This window sill is not strong enough to hold a person, unless you’re two. Then it’s perfect. It’s the best place in Uncle and Aunt’s place to eat breakfast while looking at the trains and busses passing outside the window. I was a little jealous as I was restricted to resting my elbows on the sill while standing on the floor next to the window.

But, maybe one day I’ll have my sill. A strong sill. Preferably in my office combined library. Oh, what would one be without dreams?