Unfortunately for me I skipped out on the mandatory ‘how to apply make-up without looking like a tart’ education when I was in my early teens. I have just assumed that everyone else was taught or, one way or the other, picked up on how to do these things. I never did. Or, well, I did to some extent, but the knowledge was limited to knowing what the various products were: mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and how to apply them, which was again very limited.

I thought, as I said, that everyone else knew much more about this than I did. But, when talking to a good friend of mine, a successful, bright and highly intelligent young woman, had never taken time to learn more about this than I had.

During my maternity leave (which was little on the long side) I found myself with quite a lot of extra time on my hands (I have a quiet child who is rarely up to no good) and decided to find out some more about these things that until then had been rather lost on me. YouTube became my best friend.

I came across this wonderful woman with the most delightful accent. And I now, if nothing else, feel more confident about eyeshadows, blending colours, mixing colours and exactly how to shake my head when applying mascara 😉 Hope you pick up a few tricks, or at least enjoy listening to the accent.