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I have just finished the first literary book in, what seems like, ages. Based on my education I would have to say that the book should belong in the ‘crap’ genre. It’s one of those books you plough through, preferably while getting a tan on a beach close to the equator. This book is simple, easy to read, a complete no-brainer, and thus EXACTLY what I needed at the moment.

Madeleine Wickham, better known as Sophie Kinsella, is the author of the Shopaholic book series. Her books are witty, simple, predictable, cute, and lovely. This book is about Chloe, a mother of two, practically married, but is struggling in her relationship to her partner. A friend of them lends them his villa in Spain for a week, and of course, this week is supposed to fix all their problems. Once they get to the villa, it turns out it has been double booked. A family of four have been given access to the villa during the same week. Chloe and the husband of the other family has a history together, and so the drama unfolds.

If you’re looking for a light breeze through the brain. Pure entertainment that requires no mental exercise  what so ever, then this is the book for you. I will soon immerse myself in ‘Mini Shopaholic’ – I just need to find a proper paperback copy.