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Son has a new hobby, and I think I’m a little scared by it. I took him to where I used to work probably about a year ago, or maybe more. A former colleague accused him for looking at the paintings decorating the room, and said she was convinced this little fella would be an art professor, specialising in oil paintings or something worse. She probably didn’t see how scared this made me, but truth is, it has given me many a sleepless night!

Recently I gave in to crazy ideas and left logical thinking outside. I bought finger-paint, though of the acrylic type, or at least water-based. No oil paintings in this house! I let son play around and he had the time of his life. Now all he wants to do is paint!! What am I to do?


I’ve always said that I don’t mind what my son turns out to be, career wise. But a professor of art? No, that’s stretching it a bit too far baby!

Anyway, the event turned out to be not only bad. I got some great shot of him as he used all his fingers to transfer the paint to paper. And it also left us a couple of nice paintings for his room. I’ll frame some of the photos as well and hang them with his paintings. They might remind him of how much fun it is to paint, and, well, all I really want is to see him happy and content, even if that means a PhD in art…