No, not christmas, I already got that. I have a kitchen that is driving me mad! It’s pretty enough, but it needs to be more practical. We moved in here a few years ago and haven’t done anything anywhere, but this kitchen cries for an upgrade. It was redone only a few years before we moved in, and claimed to be done with someone with some sort of degree in interior design. I don’t believe it for a minute! It’s pretty enough, but the storage facilities, well, don’t get me started.

It is a plain Ikea kitchen and easy to fix. Only problem is; they don’t have the same fronts, doors and drawers anymore. So if we change the interior fittings of one cabinet, we have to change the fronts on all of them. So, I finally have husband agreeing with me that this is something that needs to be done, but we don’t know what colour to choose.

Part of me wants to do something crazy, and go for red. But we don’t plan on living in this house forever and need to think of future buyers rather than what we really want. But still, I love this colour!

We’ve thought about white. The floor is dark, our dining set is dark and most of the furniture around here is. (A tad darker than the floor) So white make brighten the room quite a bit.

Then there is this colour, which would mean hardly any difference at all and it matched the furniture. But a bit to monochromatic?

I’d love to hear your say about this, and I’ll post back soon as I have a solution.