I’m miles from where you are,
I lay down on the cold ground
And I, I pray that something picks me up
and sets me down in your warm arms

Two weeks of being a single parent is now coming to an end. Wonderful Husband is coming back tomorrow, and life might return to normal. My blogging shows the spare time I’ve had for the past weeks. I’ve started a second course at Uni, and it requires quite a lot of work. The few hours I’ve had while Son has been blissfully sleeping have been dominated by sentences of this kind:


“Earlier studies also suggest that oral proficiency, metalinguistic awareness, and general cognitive development are crucial skills for literacy acquisition”


I know a lot more about bilingual children learning to read since last time I posted here, knowledge that might come in very handy some day 😉 I’m also behind on the work on my thesis because of various reasons connected to personal illness over the holiday (see, I’m not complaining, that was just stating a fact. But you are allowed to feel a little sorry for me). I am afraid my poor supervisor is having as many sleepless nights as I have (though lately sleepless night have given way to restless sleep full of weird dreams mostly containing said supervisor and different types of failed projects, last night it was a pizza I was not able to finish…).


Son is loving each day, as always, but struggling a bit to get into his normal sleeping pattern after a few nights of disturbed sleep. His favourite new word is no. Though the word is not used very often, his actions often match the meaning. Today after refusing to have his diaper changed, he kicked and screamed and started crying when I told him off, and that he was hurting me when he kicked like that. This was before kindergarten. Going home, he fell asleep in the car and I carefully carried him to his bed for his nap. He woke up when I put him in his bed. As I wrapped his duvet around him he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said:

Son: Mama?

Me: yes?

Son: Me kick mama, mama au.

I had to think for a second to remember the moment earlier.

Me: Yes, that hurt.

Son: Sowee…


My heart melted and Son is now allowed to do as he please whenever he wants.