I just had to share this dinner tip with you. About a year ago I would never dare try anything like it. Not because it’s difficult. But it’s nothing. It’s just scraps. And what everyone seems to make and nobody bother’s tell you how. I’m not posting this to patronize everyone, it’s just in case there’s anyone out there as hopeless in the kitchen as I was myself some time back.

It’s cheap, healthy and easy. If you have some leftover meat then use that, if not, use something else. Leftover meat could be anything form minced meat with taco seasoning, boiled ham, what’s left on a grilled chicken; anything. First chop an onion and add it to a large pan. When it looks golden add the meat. Now, put in any type of vegetables you like. I always add a green squash. For kids (or adults) who claim they don’t like vegetables squash is always safe. If you want to trick them peel it first so that nothing green is visible, it’s hard to spot, and it absorbs the taste of the meat and onion. Add a few tomatoes, or a can of chopped tomatoes. They will dissolve and just look like sauce, no one who doesn’t like vegetables will notice they’re up against the real deal. Add a little water, a stock cube and a little rice. Some beans if you have, a little maize. Then let it simmer on low heat under a lid for about 15 minutes. Then you add broccoli and pineapple, or anything else that doesn’t need long to cook. When the last added vegetables are tender, the dish is done.


If you now have picky eaters they will remove the most obvious vegetables, but they will eat what they like and whatever they eat will have absorbed much of the goodness of the other products and you can relax about them eating well.

The leftovers you save for the next day, put them in a casserole and sprinkle cheese on top. Serve with baguettes or a salad. Dinner for two days made in 30 minutes.