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If you’re looking for a healthy treat in these days of resolutions then try this out. It’s almost like candy, but so much healthier. To make it easy for yourself then make a big batch day one, and it’s also extremely easy to put together whenever you want a portion.


Start of with a few apples, peel and dice them and put in a pot. Add a spoonful or two of apple juice or water. Put on medium heat with a lid on and leave until the apples are tender.

Mash the apples and serve lukewarm, or cold. Freeze in containers of about 1 dl. I use the boxes earlier used for breast milk – they’re great as they handle freezing temperatures very well.


Serve the mashed apples with cottage cheese and a little cinnamon. If you need a proper meal add a few chopped nuts. Tastes yummy and has no negative side effects on your conscience.