I never posted anything about the christmas cookies we baked. I assume I’ll wait with the details for another, say, eleven months or so, but I wanted to post a few pictures of what we made last month just to show you a teaser of Norwegian christmas cookie traditions.

One of the classics are ‘cakemen’. Name is pretty self-explanatory, we make cookies in the shape of men and women. Son loves these and every time he sees something that reminds him of these he’ll ask for a ‘cakeman’.

I baked these for the very first time this yule. It’s my grandmother’s recipe (my father’s mom) and all her six grandchildren crave these cookies for the yule season. I am quite pleased with how mine turned out, but they weren’t as good as hers.

Lussekatter is baked on the 13th of December and resemble things associated with St Lucia, who we celebrate on that day. We have made it a tradition to make them on the eve of December 12, but I’ll get back to that again in almost a year’s time.


Catch up again in about a year and I’ll have more details for you on yule cookies. Hopefully I’ll see you around in the months before until then as well. Have great evening 🙂