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Ahrf, I have an intense sugar craving. All cakes and cookies have been thrown out and I simply have to go without. Writing a post will probably give me something else to think about, so here goes.

I have a few so-called pink blogs in my RSS feed. The blogs of perfect housewives who can decorate both interior and children in white or pastel colours and keep it that way. Women who never seem to do anything halfway, especially not when it comes to house and family and all things lovey-dovey and heartwarming. This is not meant as a critique, I do enjoy reading these blog, or at least looking at the beautiful photos posted. Every now and then I found myself trying to copy these blogs. There is a desperate little housewife in me (maybe there’s one in everyone) and sometimes I just have an urge to do something I would call extraordinary. Sometimes it will be to show someone my appreciation by making them something I have spent some time or, or to just use it as an outlet for my mild creative drive. If both can be combined, that’s of course perfect.

For yule now I wanted to match these pink women. In my head I had an image of a perfect yule tree with matching, perfect gifts underneath, all traditional looking and all that. Gifts for friends and family that were well thought through and as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, that would give the received that much talked about yule-feeling if they still hadn’t got it on the evening of yule. Unfortunately, my good intentions are combined with an ability to always procrastinate. I managed to finish all the gifts, but not all at the same time, and usually only a few minutes before someone came to take them somewhere else. So I never got that perfect picture. Our tree wasn’t even decorated before we came home after celebrating yule. So I guess I failed.

But I do have one picture of some of the gifts. So at least the gifts looked like I wanted them to when given to our friends and family members.