A new year is here, in all its glory. Today is for many a day of change, to release the new and improved self, to let today build as foundation for the 364 days to come. For us, it is quite the opposite. But can you blame us? When the very first day of the year lands on a Saturday, a Saturday where we have nothing we have to do. And, we stayed up much to late yesterday to expect anything to be done today.

So, yes, for the opposite. We started the year by letting Son stay up until half past midnight. He wanted to go to bed around ten (our plan was to let him stay up for as long as he wanted) but ten minutes later we decided to wait. He called us into his room where we were met by one pair of large round eyes and a super-excited wee lad who said: “Bang! Mama, bang!” He heard the fireworks outside, the excited voice of the kid in the living-room and the chance of getting any sleep evaporated.

We all went to bed late yesterday, got up late this morning (or, well, I guess we can call it morning) All cookies and candy had not been taken away last night, so Son started his breakfast before we were out of bed. He came into our bedroom, triumphantly exclaiming that he had found a cookie! And then continued to eat three. The only thing we have to be proud of today is the clean kitchen, after baking a cake, making dessert and cooking dinner for a bunch of people last night, I can tell you it was far from clean when we went to bed.

Real life starts on Monday. The beginning of the week is always an easier day to get things back to normal than the first day of the year. Real life won’t include many changes, but I will need to detox; I need to kill the daily sugar craving. Mysteriously the eating habits of the past weeks have results in an intense sugar craving, anyone know how that happened?

I wish every one and all of you a fantastic new year, and may it be the best year of your life this far. And remember, if the sugar craving doesn’t go away, you can always drown it, with more sugar…

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