• Papa?

The voice of a small child penetrates the quiet darkness. Father turns to mother.

  • Was that?
  • Yes, it’s him, says mother. Mother and father have just gone to bed and are both still awake.
  • Papa!?

The chil calls again, a little louder this time, and more determined. Mother turns towards the bed side lamp to ease father’s path to the door.

  • He called me this time, you stay, says father, and has reached the door by the time the light comes on. Mom curls back under the duvet and wraps it around her to keep the bed warm for father’s return. She then stays completely still to hear the low voices coming from  the neighbouring room.
  • Papa?
  • Papa’s here
  • Mama?
  • Mama’s asleep
  • Water?
  • Here’s your water. Now take a sip and go back to sleep.

Mother can hear the duvet being wrapped around the wee child.

  • Papa sing
  • You want papa to sing?
  • Yes!

Mother hears the mellow voice sing the child’s favourite lullaby. Son finishes the song by repeating the last words his father sung.

  • There, now you have to sleep.
  • Sing more
  • You want me to sing you another song?
  • Yes!

Another lullaby is sung.

  • There, it’s time to say good night now.
  • Papa?
  • Yes?
  • Hug


… and mother feels her heart melt…