My head has gone into nap-mode. I have been thinking about blogging for a few days, but just haven’t got around to do it till now. I have a million other excuses as well for not doing it, but truth be told, I shouldn’t have taken time to do it earlier. My days have been filled with family and friends from the first minutes of the day until the very last. I am exhausted, in a good way, and I have enjoyed every minute of every day. We’ve only been home for two days, and have been alone for only one. New visitors came yesterday, and more will come tomorrow, and some will stay until next year. It’s great. But, it doesn’t give me much time to do nothing, like blogging.

Today we have been out and about getting things for ourselves that we didn’t get for yule. How selfish isn’t that? Well, we did get money from a few kind people and company, and thus had some money to spend. (yes, all money must be spent! Well, not all, but some is ok, right?) My poor head has had to overcome some serious thinking over the past days, and Husband has been looking for a new mp3 player, that would also show films. I have thus (yes, I like that word) thoroughly searched the web for reviews and tests of the affordable gadgets out there, and have now decided to buy this one:And now, please, someone, ask me why we didn’t just buy an iPod!


Well, what else do I have to share from the past week or so? Hm, a lot, I will probably get back to you on some of the things, but right now what I can think of is great time with friends and family, gooooood food (MotherInLaw sure can cook!), illness (yes, Son started kindergarten this autumn, so not even yule was holy to those evil viruses and germs – I’m not even going to list everything that went wrong for my immune system the past days, you’d probably end up feeling sorry for me), the weight gain was minimal (I might have finally found the right path…), Son has loved every minuted he has been awake, and Husband can’t complain much either. Very satisfying celebration in other words.