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God Jul! 😀 We have reached the final day of my countdown. Today we celebrate Jul and tomorrow it’s all over. No, it’s not, not really, The days after We are spending the day with family, chillin out, maxin, relaxin and all that all day long, and long into the wee hours of the night. Son is thrilled about everything walking around the house calling for Santa (‘isse! ‘isse!). He’s been so patient looking at all the gifts around the house. Every time he wants to open one, we remind him that we have to wait until the main day of yule, and he nods his head in agreement and says: “Gift. Yule. Yes.” (Pakke. Jul. Ja.)

It’s ironic that on a day of bliss, material extravaganza and so much food, the most important song to me is Do they know it’s christmas by Band Aid. This song should give me nothing but a bad conscience about the materialistic way of life we have, but I need it to get that special cosy yule feeling. Hypocritical of me? Yes, very! I guess I block out the meaning of the words when I sing along.

I don’t mean to spoil the day for you. But enjoy what you have, appreciate those around you. To honour those who don’t have it all, truly cherish what you have. Don’t take it for granted. So to get the best out of today, love, and love with all your heart and remember just how fortunate you are.

Band aid – Do they know it’s christmas  

Band aid 20 – do they know it’s christmas