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Oh, what an efficient day. I earlier mentioned my concern about finishing everything that needs to be finished before yule. But I have had a very efficient day today, buying a few more gifts, a few calendar gifts, working very efficiently on my thesis and had a little quality time with my wee family. My sister-in-law is visiting for a few days, so we are going to work hard on establishing a firm yule-feeling that will last for the rest of the jolly season.


I was looking for gifts for some of my difficult family members today, I will mention whom, but I can say that a few will get gifts from Olivers & Co. I was so pleasantly surprised by the great people working there. I think I spent about an hour in that shop. There were so much yumminess! I was shown and got to taste the different olive oils, and a few of their other products. They had the best looking pasta I have ever seen. The only negative thing about this shop must be that it can be very addictive. I had to force myself not to buy their pasta now, I have to finish what I have at home first, I think once I try it I can’t go back to what the regular shops offer.