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I thought my Mac had let me down. Last christmas Husband gave me a Mac. I have worn out one PC after the other and was sick and tired of failing batteries, low battery life, crashing software, heavy laptops and annoying setups. I was willing to try a Mac. And this Mac really helped me see the light. Once I went Mac, I realized I’d never go back! But this weekend (and also a few days last week) I was unable to connect to our router. Connection failed and timed out every time I tried. I was sure my mac, and its wireless network, had failed me. A friend of mine was able to connect to our network while I was still unable, so I figured I couldn’t blame it on the router. I took to the applehouse and wanted a native mac-speaker to sweet talk to it properly. The Mac didn’t even need a greeting in its native language before it had connected to their network. I took it to Uni and was able to connect to the network there, even without a password. I took it home again, and connecting timed out, again. But now I stood behind my three-lettered friend and deeply believed I had blamed it for doings it was not guilty of doing.

Now, what was this blabbering about again? oh, yes, the reason why I have not counted down yule with you over the weekend.  I apologize for that, but won’t try to make it up to you. Instead I have grouped together some songs for later this month. Going back a few days on the calendar is something I deem unnecessary, unless the calendar contains chocolates. So today I will leave you with the most annoying track on my list. I almost dislike this song, but it’s a mandatory track during the yule month, and so I must pass this nuisance along and hope that you listen to it until you know it by heart and just can’t help but sing or hum along. Have a great monday!

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you