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This is another traditional dish, often used around the yule season. (Yes, that is christmas, but my celebration is not inspired much by religion, so I’ll stick to Yule – also because it in Norwegian is called jul, pronounced yule, and x-mas sounds so uncosy) For many it’s also often made and eaten during the weekend. We usually make it around yule as leftovers can be used for several (what we would consider) yule related desserts. I’ll get back to that some other time.

You’ll need 1 dl of round, polished rice pr person and 4,5 dl of milk pr dl of rice. I don’t know how easy it is to get hold of this rice anywhere else. Here it is sold as “porridge rice”, and I don’t know how well other types of rice will do.

Bring the milk to boil (my milk never boils though, don’t despair. If milk boils you’ll have it all over your kitchen in no time and it easily burns as well) or heat it up well 😉 Add just a wee pinch of salt and 1 dl of rice. Now, this is where you need some patience. Keep at medium heat and stir often. If you heat it up too much it will both burn and boil over. Boiling milk should always be watched! Keep watching the pot until the milk thickens enough for the substance you have in front of you could be called porridge. How you prefer the porridge is something you have to figure out yourself.

When done sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and put a lump of salted butter in the middle. Toast those around you and say God Jul! /gu: jy:l/ Now, enjoy!