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It’s Sunday again and I am once again face to face with my form/list of next week’s dinners. Unfortunately I often feel like I am repeating some dinners over and over again. Of course, it is only natural, as some dishes are easy to make, the entire family likes them and they are good, healthy meals. But it gets boring.

So here is a small challenge for you, answer these questions, or some of the questions. Either as a comment to this post, or make a post about something similar where you answer these at your blog.

  1. What dish do you feel like you repeat most often?

I feel like I very often serve boiled, lightly salted codfish with boiled potatoes and carrots. I am not very creative when it comes to codfish.

  1. What is your favourite everyday dinner?

These days it would be a dinner that makes itself and cleans itself. Last time that happened I had homemade cauliflower soup with bacons, sausages and broccoli. I love soups during the cold seasons.

  1. What dinner is you childrens’(husband’s, boyfriend’s, wife’s, girlfriend’s) favourite?

My husband would probably prefer a good steak, I think, with a butter based sauce, gratinated potatoes and boiled vegetables. Son is not that much of a dinner person, but the last meal he truly loved was the homemade fish fingers.


As we all probably have dinners that often find their ways to the dinner table, if there are gathered we’ll have a list of healthy, easy and tasty dinners.