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We sometimes have ready made fish fingers for dinner, but I think they’re boring, tasteless and, well, I haven’t really checked in detail what’s actually in them. Anyway, I decided to make my own. And as simple as it is, I’ll probably never buy premade ever again! I simply took a cod fish filet, sliced it into to suitable pieces. Dipped them in egg, then in bread crumbs (I just took a few slices of bread and grated using a cheese grater). And then fried. Served with boiled potatoes and a vegetable mix carrots, peas and maize.

Son loved it! Absolutely loved it. Throughout the meal he sat with one big chunk in each hand and he ate twice the amount I ate. We still didn’t finish it all and thus brought some of it for lunch in kindergarten, there he ate the rest, cold.

I love to see him eat fish as I know how good it is for him, and I cherish these moments as I am afraid he will become a picky eater as he grows older. But well, enjoy the moment.