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I came across some Podcasts by Jamie Oliver some time back. They are short videos on quick dinners and absolutely worth a look. They turned out to be from 2008, so nothing new, but the food still taste good!

I have tried some of the dishes, and as Jamie asks us to share share share if we find something we like, here is my “interpretation” of one of his dishes:


Add some salt to pot of water. You want about 1/1000 of salt compared to water, and about 1/10 of pasta to water. We’ll get to that though, a pinch of salt for now.

Put a lid on and set to boil

Chop bacon into small pieces.Add a little bit of canola oil in a pan and set to medium/high heat.While you wait for the pan to get warm (if you need to wait like I do with an old oven) chop a handfull of mint.When the pan is hot enough add the bacon and fry until crispy and and a little brown.The water should be boiling by now, add about a handfull of pasta per adult. Put the lid on again right away, but take it off as soon as the water boils again.

When the bacon starts looking yummy add a small bag of frozen peas. Jamie underlines here that frozen peas are to prefer unless you actually have handpicked peas from your garden. The peas are frozen shortly after they are picked and thus contain all of the natural good stuff.

Then grate some parmegiano cheese, about a handfull. Drain the pasta, but set aside about a cup of the water used. Then add the pasta to the rest.

Add the cheese and mint, mix it well into the rest.Then add two spoons of creme fraiche, the juice of half a lemon and a little bit of the water you set aside earlier. The pasta is not supposed to be dry, but smooth.Grate a little bit of lemon zest over the dish (I didn’t have a lemon, only lemon juice, so I experimented with orange instead; I would prefer lemon!)Pour onto a plate. Add some more grated parmegiano and serve.

Jamie used more pasta than I did, and thus made a meal to serve 6-8 people with a salad on the side. I wanted more vegetables than pasta and thus simply reduced the amount. The dish is also perfect the next day as lunch.