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Every Saturday is pizza day. Unfortunately we haven’t made pizza together, the three of us, for about two months. Saturday often ends up as the day we plan things with friends, and afternoon dinner gets scheduled out, and Husband has also been off working for some weeks. But next Saturday we’re back on!

This recipe is nothing fancy, and most of you probably have a pizza dough recipe you regularly use. A friend of mine sent texted me some days ago asking me for my recipe, and I thought I’d also share it with everyone else.


5 dl flour

2 dl water

Olive oil




If you want something a bit different, replace half of the wheat flour with durum wheat. Durum wheat is used a lot more in Italy than here, and gives the dough a more exclusive taste and texture.

Mix the yeast and water. Remember correct temperature when using yeast; if you put your pinky finger in it and it feels rather warm nor cold, it’s perfect. If you’re using dry yeast the water can be slightly warmer, but still not too warm as that will kill it. Pour in somewhere between two and four tablespoons of olive oil. Add the flour and just a wee bit of salt. Mix and knead for a while, roll it out and leave it to rise for as much time as you have before adding the topping. Bake at 225 degrees (or more) until it’s done.