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I whisked together two bread here the other day, with a better result than last time. Unfortunately it was all done in a hurry (if you can call it a hurry when the dough was left to rise for almost 8 hours…) so I don’t have any photos.

I used the same recipe, same procedures, but added 2 dl of apple juice to make the dough more moist. Afterwards I set it to rise in the kitchen with an average to warm room temperature and left it for eight hours. I managed to screw up a bit, as I put the bread pans in a plastic bag. I didn’t sprinkle the dough with enough flour, so the dough stuck to the plastic and as I removed the bag I punctured the dough. The breads could have been oh so much better, so I’ll just have to try the same again, without rising them in a plastic bag. (the plastic bag is to keep the moisture in the dough and have as little as possible evaporate).