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I have reduced my intake of carbs by eating less bread, pasta and rice, but throughout my entire life I have packed lunches consisting of a piece or two of bread with a decent spread. In order to change this habit I needed more than just motivation. My inspiration came in shape of a comment or article somewhere on bento boxes. Bento boxes are a japanese type of lunch boxes, and of course, it has also been made into quite an art form. I searched the web and finally found these on ebay.

I love the separated rooms in these. I use one box for salad, the other for pieces of fruit (it is true that fruit tastes much better when chopped or diced). The thermo bag it comes in keeps it cold or warm for quite some time, and they boxes are truly air tight; apples I sliced didn’t even show a hint of brown after 3 hours in the box! After only a few weeks with this lunch box I can not imagine a life without it, and thankfully it has changed my lunches forever.

And a warning: the box below looks better, and I do like the bag better, but the lid broke after I had used it only twice (a bit because of my stupidity, but it was not a very intelligent design!) So steer away! DO NOT BUY!

The boxes can be bought here. And just to make it clear, I have no economical interest in anyone buying these boxes, I just recommend them.