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I had a few bananas on the counter that was close to be tossed out. I found a recipe for banana cake and decided to put the bananas to better use.

Start with 100 grams of room tempered butter

Add 1 dl of sugar (I used fructose instead of regular sugar). Whisk it until it’s fluffy and nearly white. 

Mix in two eggsMash 2-3 bananas

Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 2 dl of wheat flourThen add about 1 dl of dried fruits or berries and 1 dl of nuts.

I made this for serve when a friend came over, she has a son of the same age as Son, and as two one year olds would eat this I left out the nuts.

I baked bread the same day and was out of bread pans, so I fitted a milk carton to serve as a pan instead. If you do the same, remember to remove all plastic parts!

The recipe said to bake the cake at 175 degrees for 40 mins. I left mine in for a bit more than an hour, and it still was not completely done, so I would recommend leaving it in a little longer, and maybe also turn the heat up a bit

I think the cake would be perfect had I added the nuts and some dark chocolate.