A blogger, whose blog I read regularly, found some old magazines in her house and share some interesting pieces with her readers every now and then. Her last piece was an interview from 1938 with questions most likely not to be found in today’s magazines. She challenged her readers to answer the questions, and here are mine.


1. Hvad spiser De helst?

(What do you prefer to eat?)

  • hm, these days I prefer a salad to most things. But I long for a melon with parma ham with good, homemade, Italian bread on the side.


  1. Er De redd for å bli tykk?

(Are you afraid of getting fat?)

  • oh, that ship has sailed my dear. But I am afraid of getting even bigger…


  1. Hvad er Deres mening om ekteskapet?

(What is your opinion on marriage)

  • works great for me! It’s a personal issue, and thus I can only comment on my personal experience.


  1. Hvordan blir man lykkelig?

(How does one become content?)

  • by being who you want to be.


  1. Hvordan holder De Dem i form?

(How do you stay in shape?)

  • I walk quite a lot, eat decently, and work out efficiently every now and then.


  1. Hvad vilde De helst være hvis De ikke var det De er nu?

(What would you rather be if you weren’t what you are now?)

  • well, I am in the process of becoming, so not sure what the answer to this should be. Or, btw, in my next life I’ll be a vet.


  1. Står De tidlig op?

(Do you get up early?)

  • Unfortunately yes, but not too early, thank heavens. I’ve raised my son well 😉


  1. Hvormange arbeidstimer har De om dagen?

(How many hours do you work pr day?)

  • That depends on whether husband is home or not, 1-3 if he’s gone, 6-8(+) if he’s at home. (That of course excludes the work I do at home, which would amount to a number of hours I prefer not to know)


  1. Hvordan rekreerer De Dem?

(Do you have any recreational activities?)

  • a walk always clears my mind, losing myself in music also helps.


  1. Har De noen hobbier?

(Do you have any hobbies?)

– I sometimes glue some pieces of paper together and make stuff